Do you take .800, .835, .900 or .950 Fine Silver Jewelry?  

Yes! We will pay 100% spot, just like .999 Fine Silver.


 Will you accept a piece that isn’t marked?  

We are willing to work with unmarked silver! Many antique Native American jewelry pieces are not stamped, but it’s clear that they’re made with high-quality coin silver. If you are a precious metals expert and can identify sterling silver by feel, touch or acid test, we’ll accept your unmarked pieces. If you’re unsure, contact us!


 What if I send jewelry that is not silver?  

We will offer to send it back to you. We would consider it as costume jewelry. If you are interested in selling it as costume jewelry we would offer $5 per pound.


 What do you mean by wearable?  

 We are looking for new, used or antique jewelry that is functional, presentable and largely ready to wear. However, we will accept pieces that are scratched, tarnished, as well as bent ring shanks or easily fixable jewelry. We will make an offer of 87% of melt price on damaged items.

Do you accept duplicates?  

We do, but prefer no more than 20 duplicates of any particular item. If rings, bracelets or necklaces are identical in design and size, we consider those duplicates.  If pieces are the same style but different in size, we consider those distinct items. (This most often applies to store closeouts and similar liquidation sales.)

What are the maximum and minimum amounts you’re willing to buy?

Generally, we’ll buy up to $20,000 worth of wearable sterling silver jewelry without notice. If you’re looking to sell a larger quantity, please call us to arrange and confirm a sale. There are no minimum requirements for a shipment.



 How do we lock in spot price? 

When you package your shipment and fill out your company invoice, just write down current spot. If there is no spot price specified on invoice we will use current spot price on the day your shipment was received. We want our business relationship to be based on trust. We’ll gladly continue to accept your shipments as long as that trust is upheld. 

Do we need to sort the jewelry before we ship?

While sorting is always helpful and makes the settling process quicker on our end, we can do the sorting for you! We will contact you with the breakdown of the lot before we settle the invoice.

 When can I expect payment? 

Once a shipment is accepted, checks are mailed out within 48 hours via USPS Priority or Express Mail.  


Does Pyramid Precious Metals have references I can check?  

Yes! Please e-mail and we’ll gladly send a list of references you can call. We are also members of the industry groups Certified Coin Exchange (PM3) & Polygon (156857).



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